Sponsorship Terms

As a VOH Africa sponsor, you agree to the Sponsorship Terms laid out on this page.

Privacy Policy and Terms + Conditions

All sponsors fall under Villages of Hope: Society’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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Sponsorship Terms

Sponsors must:

  1. Treat their sponsor child with respect and dignity
  2. Show respect to their sponsor child’s local culture
  3. Treat all members of VOH Africa staff with respect and dignity

It is inappropriate for sponsors to:

  1. Use language that is inappropriate, offensive, or abusive
  2. Use language or discuss topics that are not suitable to the age and maturity level of the child
  3. Share personal information with the intent of seeking emotional support
  4. Solicit information beyond what has already been shared regarding the child’s background or family life
  5. Challenge the child’s identity, belief, or worldview
  6. Address the child using familial terms such as brother/son/daughter/grandchild
  7. Refer to themselves using familial terms such as parent/grandparent/sibling
  8. Make suggestions or offer advice to their sponsor child
  9. Make promises of any kind, including sharing hopes of meeting the child as this could be interpreted as a promise
  10. Post images or videos of the child online (including blogs and social media) without the consent of VOH Africa’s leadership
  11. Share or request personal contact information
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