You can make a lasting difference in the life of a child through child sponsorship!

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Love and Safety

We provide a safe and loving environment for all VOH children to receive care. For the few children in our program who have no safe place to live, we provide family-style homes.

Essential Nutrition and Healthcare

Our feeding programs offer a nutritional porridge or nutritionally equivalent meal daily for all students. We also provide medical care, testing, and health education for VOH children and their caregivers.

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Quality Education

We provide quality education from preschool to grade 12. In addition, we also cover any expenses related to school including school supplies, books, uniforms, and educational material.

Hope for the Future

Our youth empowerment program prepares students and graduates for a successful, independent future. We also assist students in applying for scholarships and accessing post-secondary grants. 

Frequently asked questions about child sponsorship:

When you sponsor a VOH Africa child, your support helps us bring hope to that child through the immediate and long-term impact of our programs. Our programs provide education, nutrition, and healthcare. We also have family-style homes for children who have no safe place to live.

Absolutely! Your sponsor child will love hearing from you. You will be able to write letters to them using our convenient “Send a Letter” form!

Yes! You will receive a letter from your sponsor child twice each year. These letters will be sent to the email address you provide.

A sponsor child remains part of our program until they graduate grade 12. However, from time to time a child may leave the VOH Africa program for unforeseen circumstances. An example of such a circumstance is if your sponsor child’s family moves to a new area that is too far away for the child to continue coming to the VOH Centre. In the event that your child graduates or leaves the VOH Africa program, you will be notified and offered another child from the same location.

We have two pricing options for sponsorship: $41 and $82 monthly.

$41/month supports the child’s ongoing care.

$82/month supports the child’s ongoing care and also supports the programs at their VOH Centre.

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