Resources for Sponsors

This page is for sponsors and provides links to send your sponsor child a letter or gift, update your payment information, and manage your sponsorship.

Send a Letter

Use this online form to send a letter to your sponsor child.

Manage Payments

You can manage your sponsorship, payment methods, and personal information through the My Account page.

Send a Gift

Use this online form to send a gift to your sponsor child.

Contact Us

Have questions about your sponsorship? Contact us using our online form.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Your sponsor child loves to hear from you! You can send them a letter by filling out this online form.

Absolutely! You will receive a letter from your sponsor child twice each year. These letters will be sent to the email address you provided. You are welcome to write back using this online form!

Yes! While we are unable to deliver parcels (they often go missing in the mail and can be subject to large duty charges), you can easily send a gift using our online gift form. This form allows you to send a monetary gift to your sponsor child and the VOH Center will purchase a suitable gift on your behalf in consultation with your sponsor child and their caregiver.

You can update your payment method through the My Account page. Follow the guide at the bottom of the page to update your payment method, change your address, update your personal information, and cancel your sponsorship.

You can cancel your sponsorship by visiting the My Account page and following the steps listed under “Cancelling Your Sponsorship.”

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